PASA Intake Forms

You can send your information and documents to us by mail to PASA, 500 W Cummings Park Suite 2500, Woburn, MA 01801; by email to; or by fax to 978.600.1487. To protect the privacy of our clients, please do not email any personal information.
If you have any questions, give us a call M–F 9am-4:30pm at 781.281.7428.
To request an appraisal for a pension plan, please download and complete our simple Appraisal Request Form. Provide a recent benefit statement showing a monthly amount payable. For a Massachusetts State Employees' Retirement Service plan, please instead provide a year by year contribution history (through statement or last five years' W-2s) and a recent pay stub. Please be sure to indicate if it is to be an exclusive engagement or joint engagement.


Appraisal Request Form
Click to download our fillable pdf file. 
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To request a QDRO, please download and complete our QDRO Request Form. Provide a copy of the relevant pages from the Separation Agreement (first, last and signature page; and exhibit regarding retirement assets), Final Decree or Judgment of Divorce Nisi, and account statement for the plan (dated as of the valuation date, if applicable). We will respond with an engagement letter by email to the attorneys listed on the QDRO Request Form (or parties if pro se is checked.)

Click to download our fillable pdf file. 
This file requires Adobe Reader.